Frequently Asked Questions

It is a bioinformatic pipeline for analysis of single cell RNA sequencing data.
Single cell sequencing is a scientific method to study gene activation in cells. The generated data are high-dimensional and sparse. See the Wikipedia article.
Nothing at all. It is a free service.
It means number of median absolute deviations below the median, for which a cell is considered an outlier. Higher value of nmads means fewer cells will removed, i.e. more chance of including low quality cells. A low value will remove more low quality cells.
Your data is not shared in any way unless you share it yourself. All uploaded data and analysis results are automatically deleted after 7 days. As an additional layer of security you can provide a password for each uploaded dataset; a user requesting to view or download analyzed data will be asked for the password.
There is currently no set limit.
Point on the area you want to zoom and use the scrool wheel on your mouse.
Alona is the name of a beach on the island Panglao, the Philippines.